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If you live long enough you may need a hand

Among other things that I did this week was check on an elderly relative who is temporarily in a nursing facility. At least she wants it to be temporary. The bottom line is that she isn’t really capable of taking care of herself any more and since I live in another State, and am responsible for my 95-year-old  mother I can’t do much for her.  No one wants to think about a time in the future when they may be alone. Unfortunately, for many that time comes. We are living longer and through medical advances, we are able to outlive diseases that took our lives in the past.

We hope that there will be someone there to take care of us but no one can be sure. Kid, grand kids, spouses maybe they will be there maybe not. Some of us don’t have them.

So today I am asking everyone to take a look at that senior citizen on you block, in your building, or church and see if you can do anything for them. Your concern may make a world of difference to them. Hopefully someone will do the same for you if the time comes.

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