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Triathlon News — 500 meters/540 yards

Today I swam 500 meters which is 540 yards! My best swim yet. Not pretty but I did it. I believe that next week will be the half mile week. Six more laps will do it. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

100 Yards Down, 780 To Go

Today for the first time I swam 100 yards freestyle without stopping. Thanks to my friend Tony who swam next to me and convinced me that I could do it. I still freak out at some point but it used to be before I reached 50 yards. Now I don’t begin to have a real problem until I am into the third lap (75 yards). When the panic sets in I remind myself that I can breathe every two strokes instead of every three and that slowing down and taking mental control works. So a long way to go to the half mile I need for my Tri but I have plenty of time to get there. Progress feels good!

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