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Take Time for Friends

Yesterday I had lunch with two of my buddies. We live within miles of each other but go for months without actually seeing one another. I have been friends with the two of them for over thirty years. One is retiring to Florida with her husband soon. Although we knew she was planning to go it became a reality when she recently sold her house. Anyway there may not be many more of these get togethers. Not that I can’t see her in Florida but let’s face it, getting there won’t be the same as driving the eight or nine miles to her house. Even though it was just lunch, we stretched it into a couple of hours and of course we had fun. For the first time I am realizing that our group is splitting up. Retirement often means relocation and she is not the first nor will she be the last of my group of friends to move elsewhere. If I have my way, I’ll be on the move in a few years too.

Anyway today’s message is take time for lunch. Call your friendsĀ  and set up a time. It may not always be as easy as it is now so don’t wait. You’d be surprised how much catching up you can do over a burger.

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