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Sunday’s Are For Renewal

So let me start out by saying that I teach for a total of six hours a week.  So don’t cry for me. Still I guard Sundays with a ferocity that may surprise some. Church is my choice so I go every Sunday with few exceptions. In nicer weather church is preceded by a walk in the park. Afterwards though I try to do as little as possible. Since I teach on Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. some school work is involved. My husband and I usually watch something that we DVR’d earlier in the week and I usually prepare dinner. What I really avoid is anything that causes stress and since I  retired from my former career six years ago I have little stress about work.

I know that many of you have family and other responsibilities that occupy your Sundays. Some of you have to work. So your Sunday may be Wednesday. The point is that we all need a day that we can live stress free. It’s the day that we start the clock over and hopefully find that sense of renewal. Church triggers the renewal for me. So press on and enjoy the moments that you have. Tomorrow it starts again!

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