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A Fried Green Tomato Summer….

Green Tomatoes Frying

Green Tomatoes Frying

Tonight I am pausing and drinking in all that was summer. Wow it’s gone. I was so busy concentrating on my triathlon’s that it blew by me. We had a great garden and more tomatoes than we can eat quickly. Lots are frozen for pasta sauce to be made at a later date. Some of them however were fried green for my Mom. She said her grandmother fried them and she loved them. So a little flour, a few breadcrumbs, a teaspoon of sugar, a bit of salt, pepper and garlic powder and into hot oil. Yummy actually. Can’t explain it you jut have to try them.

It was that type of summer and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Fireflies in the Yard

I have always been afraid of bugs. As a kid I hated picnics and other outdoor activities because of it. There was one exception and that was lightning bugs or fireflies¬† as some call them. I guess because everyone wanted to catch them in a jar, I controlled my fears to join in the fun. I still try to avoid flying creepies but I am always happy to see the fireflies. They signify summer and remind me of a time when the most I had to do was catch them and let them go.¬† I remember years when I didn’t see them but right now my yard is full! When I went to water the veggie garden tonight I couldn’t believe how many were flying around. Happy summer!

Signs of Summer The First Watermelon

I realize that the rest of the world doesn’t celebrate this auspicious occasion but it brought tears to my eyes. I took a chance and bought a melon at the store next to my Weight Watchers meeting. Paid $8.00 for it but guess what, it is so sweet. I can’t tell you the delight I felt. Hopefully this a good summer omen. I so enjoy summer fruit. Melons and berries and peaches oh my!¬† Happy Cinco de Mayo


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