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It’s Never Too Late

Tonight on the news there was a story about a gentleman who left community college in the late 1960’s to serve during the Viet Nam war. When he returned life happened. He married, raised a family and now has grandchildren. Several years ago he was laid off from his job and couldn’t find work. So he began visiting the local school football field and kicking the ball. He had been a kicker in college. Anyway he continued to practice and then decided that he might as well go back to school. When he enrolled he went to the football coach and asked to try  out for the team. The coach asked if he was sure that this is what he wanted to do and he said yes. He is now the oldest college place kicker ever at 61! His message was that it’s never to late to complete what you started! Great message.



When I returned from the park this morning some of my neighbors were outside. One on his way to work and the rest going about their daily chores. Several asked about my Mom and I had conversations about things in the neighborhood with several others. When I was heading in the house I thought how fortunate we are to have such good neighbors. Believe me I have had to rely on them from time to time to watch out for things in our absence, to borrow the  proverbial cup of sugar and more.  I am grateful for them. I thought I would mention this because in these days and times, good neighbors are so valuable. Tonight I am taking some of the tomatoes I have grown to several of them. It’s a small thing but heartfelt on my part.

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