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Nothing Smells Better Than New York City Street Food

As I took my weekly walk on the streets of lower Manhattan I thought for the umpteenth time that there is one good smell after another as you walk. Now I am proud to say that I don’t partake of all these goodies but I enjoy smelling them and the good memories that the smells bring. When I was a kid in New York some of my best times were weekend excursions with my Dad while he made sales calls to beauty salons and barber shops. He would always stop and get himself a hot dog at one of the street vendors. He would tell me that he would get me something to eat but not one of the “street dogs” because he wasn’t sure how clean the vendors were. Father logic? I guess but those hot dogs smelled heavenly. I couldn’t wait until I could buy one myself. Heck I have a New York stomach, I can eat on the street with the best of them and live to tell about it. Millions of people can’t be wrong can they? Anyway the best thing is that it brings back memories of my Dad who was the center of my young universe.

The sense of smell can be a wonderful thing!

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