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“Do, or do not. There is no try” — Jedi Master Yoda

So right next to my Weight Watchers meeting is a Hallmark card store. I was kind of dragging my feet since I was pretty sure what the scale would have to say and there were  lots of Star Wars items in the window. Among them was a desk sized plaque that had the above mentioned quote on it. Need I say more. Leave the excuses home this week and remember, there is no try!

” A Journey of a Thousand Miles must Begin with a Single Step” Lao Tzu

Some days I have to fake it. Today wasn’t one of those days. I slept well and woke up energized. Went to Weight Watchers (down today) ran some errands and came home to knit. Did I mention that my pay was direct deposited to day after a long wait? Bills paid, feelin good. I didn’t have to think today I just did. Not always the case. Some days I worry. It’s in my DNA. Although I do it less I still do it and on those days I remind myself that if I don’t do anything else I can move forward. Just take that first step and keep it movin. Do what you can and don’t fret about what you can’t. I try very hard not to end the day thinking about what I couldn’t or didn’t do.  Pay a bill, clean out a draw, call a friend, exercise. Because I am sure of one thing, if I wake up tomorrow as my pastor says clothed in my right mind and physically able to get around I have another chance.

Sometimes we have to fake the funk and act as if. Just take that single step. I bet more will  follow!

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