Earthquake!!!! Are You Ready for An Emergency?

I didn’t feel it. I have no idea where I was when it hit. I think I was in my Jeep and it’s a pretty “trucky” ride so maybe I jut didn’t notice. When I got back from grocery shopping my friend Deborah was with my Mom and my husband was in the other room and none of them knew. I heard it on the radio. Deborah had just come through downtown Newark, NJ  where I live, and she wondered why large groups of people were in the street outside of various businesses.  My son sent me a text message from Maryland and they felt it there.  Wow! In a way I wish I had felt it. Anyway. WAKE UP everyone. Earthquakes can happen any place and any time. Not trying to be the voice of doom, just practical, do you have emergency supplies, water, generators,  a first aid kit, a bag packed, family contact plan? I’m just saying!

Tell me how you are preparing for emergencies. What have you done?

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  1. You are right Karen – We need to plan and pack our bags. But the best plan is to have the Lord Jesus in our life. Because the reality is, we can’t take our bags with us, only what we do for Christ will last. The bible talks about wars, rumors of war, earthquakes and pestilices but the end is not near yet. However, no man knows the day or the hour, so we need to be ready with our gear you mentioned and prayed up! An earthquake and hurricane in the same week. My God!

    I trully did feel it. My neighbor Linda and I had just left our church at Metropolitan BC in Newark on Tuesday 8/22/11, after volunteering at the food pantry. We decided to go have lunch in the Ironbound section at one of my favorite and inexpensive places to eat – Elm St. BBQ. We were almost done eating and were chatting, when all of a sudden, I felt the floor bubbling, like it was boiling, then the room began to sway, as the building was moving. At first I wondered if it was me, was my presure high or was I dizzy? But what about the floor. I began to look at other people. And the expression on their faces were in amazment. I asked Linda, if she felt it too and she said, yes, but it may just be a problem with perhaps construction underground. Since my son lives in California, my mind immediately thought of the possibility and then my spirit confirmed it – MUST BE AN EARTHQUAKE. Linda urged me not to say that and to think otherwise.

    Bewildered, everyone got up and headed for the door calmly but quickly. Outside, we saw everyone out of their homes and on the street in amazement. It was confirmed as soon as we got in the car and turned on the radio. Downtown office bulidings we evacuated and people were on the street and in the parks. To God be the Glory. It could have been worse. I trust it is a warning from the Lord. God bless!

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