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Earthquake!!!! Are You Ready for An Emergency?

I didn’t feel it. I have no idea where I was when it hit. I think I was in my Jeep and it’s a pretty “trucky” ride so maybe I jut didn’t notice. When I got back from grocery shopping my friend Deborah was with my Mom and my husband was in the other room and none of them knew. I heard it on the radio. Deborah had just come through downtown Newark, NJ  where I live, and she wondered why large groups of people were in the street outside of various businesses.  My son sent me a text message from Maryland and they felt it there.  Wow! In a way I wish I had felt it. Anyway. WAKE UP everyone. Earthquakes can happen any place and any time. Not trying to be the voice of doom, just practical, do you have emergency supplies, water, generators,  a first aid kit, a bag packed, family contact plan? I’m just saying!

Tell me how you are preparing for emergencies. What have you done?