I knew Whitney Houston

For several years I worked for Whitney Houston’s Dad. As a result I met her when she was a teen aged model, before she ever sang a note in public. She was beautiful, engaging and self assured. I attended her first few public shows and I must say that I have never personally heard a more beautiful voice. I don’t care how she died. I just want to appreciate the legacy of her music. I am sorry for the loss to her family and friends and know that they are “going through” as they say.

My Mom said all of the money and  fame couldn’t buy her happiness. Think many of us know that already. Her death at such an early age is just a reminder to hold those we love close.

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  1. I used to work within the record industry for many years and had the pleasure to meet Whitney and work with her managment team on numberous ocassions. It was extremely sad for me to watch her life spiral out of control, but the judging I have heard over the past week has been disturbing. Like I said on my own blog, she is now singing again with God’s choir. Bless her. For those who are having a great time judging her life, I’m hoping they’re looking at their own at the same time. Glad I found your blog, I’ll be checking out some more of your postings a little later.

  2. I was unable to see all of the funeral but did get to see the last hour. I really got sad yesterday when I heard her signing I Will Always Love You on the radio. Profound sadness is all I can say. Cissy looks like it is to much for her to handle.

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