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I knew Whitney Houston

For several years I worked for Whitney Houston’s Dad. As a result I met her when she was a teen aged model, before she ever sang a note in public. She was beautiful, engaging and self assured. I attended her first few public shows and I must say that I have never personally heard a more beautiful voice. I don’t care how she died. I just want to appreciate the legacy of her music. I am sorry for the loss to her family and friends and know that they are “going through” as they say.

My Mom said all of the money and  fame couldn’t buy her happiness. Think many of us know that already. Her death at such an early age is just a reminder to hold those we love close.

Focus on What You Have Today

I know that for many of us the day includes a rehashing of what used to happen, how swiftly things used to get paid, blah, blah, blah. Today let’s focus on what we have. Are you happy for the bills you paid, the food you bought, the bed that you slept in? Even if you needed help to carry out some of those things. We have to dig deep and try to appreciate what we’ve got. If you forget, turn on the news or visit one of the news channels and check out the people in Haiti, Japan, Somalia.

For many of us, things are that bad. I don’t mean to diminish the trials and tribulations of anyone reading this because things are tougher for some of us than others but there is something good that you can point to. Family, friends?

Let the negative go, just for today.