Is It All In My Head????

Today at the pool Corey (our coach) got in the water with us. There were only a few of us so he could spend time looking at our strokes and making suggestions. So I have talked about my lack of stamina and how I do 25 yards  freestyle but half way back I start gasping for air. So Corey asked me a series of questions. Do my arms hurt? No. My legs? No.  How often do I take a breath? Every four strokes. I told him I am not sure I am out of breath but I start having difficulty maintaining my rhythm about half way back. He thought about it for a minute and he said ” do your lap and when you get to the end of the pool turn around and swim back to the first line”. Do that until you are comfortable and then go to the second line etc. until you are back at the other side. The man is brilliant. I believe that the problem is psychological and we will see. I have a plan for tomorrow. Yeah!

Best coach on the East Coast

Best coach on the East Coast

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