Can I Banish Sugar?

I haven’t posted in months and at this point find it hard to post. I will talk about it at some point I guess. Not today. Today I want to talk about sugar. I know it’s not good for me. Probably not good for anybody but I’m just talking about me. A friend came by earlier and she reminded me that she has almost removed sugar from her diet. Got me back to the discussion in my mind. I just don’t see how I can pull it off.

If I “unsweeten” my diet, I’m not sure what I would eat. I eat sweet stuff with most meals. I am diabetic so I don’t drink juice (on rare occasions) no sweetened drinks (but diet stuff all day) Brown sugar on oatmeal. Preserves sweetened with juice on my toast. Ketchup, honey mustard, duck sauce. Should I go on. I was raised by someone who thought that sugar was a food group. Glazed carrots (with sugar), candied yams, stewed tomatoes (sugar), barbecued chicken and on and on. Miracle Whip ( no mayo in my house growing up) Sweet pickles with dinner. Cranberry sauce with chicken, mint jelly with lamb. OMG it looks worse on paper.

If the sweet is missing I am not particular about eating it. I have stayed away from things like cake and cookies the last few weeks but that doesn’t put a dent in my addiction. Well I could go on and on. What small change can I make and stick with? Ideas?

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