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I Don’t Know What I Am But I’m Not An Athlete

How do I describe myself post two sprint triathlons. Well I’m a heck of a lot healthier than I was, fitter and for sure I feel a sense of accomplishment but am I an athelete? I don’t think so. Athletes run marathons, do Ironman Triathlons and swim long distances. That isn’t me for sure.

According to Free

“Athlete: a person possessing the natural or acquired traits, such as strength, agility and endurance, that are necessary for physical exercise or sports especially those performed in competitive contexts”.

Well okay so I don’t have a lot of strength or agility but doing something for 2hours and 59 minutes says I certainly had stamina.

So okay if you call me an athlete I may answer.

Swim Team Meeting

Yesterday we had a meeting of our swim team and as usual we spent a lot of time laughing and joking before getting down to business. We did however start to plan our spring activity schedule and I am looking forward to warmer weather and being outside more. I can feel it.

Brick City Master Swim Team Meeting

Brick City Master Swim Team Meeting


My friend Terrell has suggested that I come to Yoga class and finally I ran out of excuses and went. Wow! I hadn’t realized how inflexible I had become and I mean that literally. Downward facing what? Warrior who? I’m pretty sure that unless I am able to unhinge my joints, they no longer go in some of those directions. An hour later I realized that I so needed the class. I believe that I am going to be very sore tomorrow but I will be back next week. This should help my swimming. That is if I can still walk or get in the pool tomorrow!

American Business – Can We Support Them?

Periodically I come back to this issue. We have to stop blaming and/or relying on politicians. It’s up to us. If we promote and support American businesses maybe they will begin to rebound. Last night I watched a show my husband saved to the DVR entitled Detroit in  Overdrive. Great show highlighting the spirit and  adaptability of businesses in one of the hardest hit City’s in the downturn of American business. Shout out to Motor City Denim Company and BADASS Beer (Kid Rock inspired) by Michigan Brewing both Detroit companies. Tell me about companies in your town so that we can shout them out and promote them . Visit my other blog: and click on the blogs I follow and on line sources for some great indie artisans.

Let’s promote us.

For the Feeling…..

So today I want to talk about my friend Judyie. We have always known each other. Our Moms met when they were sixteen and remained friend/sisters until Judyie’s mom Lillian died just short of her 94th birthday (77 years).  So she is indeed my oldest friend/sister. She can tell you her story better than I can and she intends to do just that. Today I am asking that you visit her blog here on wordpress entitled For the Feeling and if you like what you read consider visiting her page on Kick Starter and donate to her indie publishing goal. Read for yourself and enjoy.

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