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Pre-Occupied by Craft

As you all know I blog about my love of knitting and crochet at This evening at our regular Wednesday gathering of the Bergen Crafters, someone said that a man watched her knit at the laundromat and said ” I haven’t seen anyone do that in years. People around here have better things to do”. Well I thought about that and decided that you may have better things to do but not many that are so satisfying and mind calming. When I am a bit on edge I find knitting/crocheting very soothing and when I finish I have something that some one can use or wear.

Relax I’m not recruiting we have tons of crafter’s out there. What I am suggesting though is that you pick up that hobby and give it another try. You don’t have to spend a lot, start with an inexpensive project. Satisfaction has no dollar amount attached. So buy some crayons, paints, yarn or fabric and get to working. I bet you will feel a real sense of accomplishment when you finish. So okay it’s not the vacation that you wanted or the new car but just for a short time you can enjoy yourself. Try it and see!

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