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My Mouth Wrote Another Check the Rest of Me Can

I was worried that I would be unemployed this summer and then I got a call asking¬† me to teach three summer school classes. Not bad seven weeks and done. I said yes to all three. Two are in the day and the last class is 7:40 PM. Did I mention that I have to teach four days a week? What the heck was I thinking. My regular routine is shot to heck. I’m not sleepy at night but can’t get up in time to work out. Can’t make any of my Zumba classes. Lots of work. This is week two and I am already dragging. Really happy for the pay but I will be earning every penny

Sometimes You Just Need to Scream

My last Tuesday night Zumba class until September. I’m going to miss it. Tonight when we got to the song where everyone runs from one end of the room to the other and screams I wondered if the scream meant anything to anyone else.¬† I look forward to it every week. A chance to let out what ever is driving you crazy. Everybody should have a scream time. Maybe when you are alone in the house. Playing with the kids or grand kids in the park. Your favorite exercise class. Try it you might feel better. Oh! Just one thing, the office is probably not the place.

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