Your First Responsibility This Year – Yourself

I went to a wake today. I have known this young woman since she was a child. She died Christmas day of complications of a life with diabetes. She was 41 years old. She was a wife and mother and one of the nicest people you ever want to meet. It was really sad. Her mother said to me please take your diabetes seriously and do every thing that you can to keep it in check.

Point well taken. None of us know if what we do will be enough. Enough to prevent, enough to reverse but one thing is for sure. Doing nothing will get us no where. I must be my priority to be of any use to anyone else. I wanted to mention this to all of you.

I know that many of us are going through financial ,  relationship, family, school, job traumas but you have to suck it up and make sure that you are first. No guilt. Take care of yourself. Need to visit the doctor, do it. Automatic withdrawal  for the gym and you don’t go, start now.  Need a time out take it. I scheduled my workouts for the next eight weeks. Can’t forget, it’s on the calendar. Hope some of you will join me.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Wise words from a wise woman – thank you, Karen!

  2. Karen we met in Union at a meeting. I finally found the paper that I wrote the blog/and email on. I read this message and couldn’t agree more. I go to the Thursday night meeting. But I make the gym regularly. I feel good but driving at night still bothers me.

    Healing, Faith, Work on it, plan how to get it done and above all forgive yourself and Decide to Live. Once neuropathy happens there is no reversing it. If there is neuropathy in your legs, there is a possibility that it could be going on in your organs, particularly the stomach, and the kidney and the heart. Take a load off your knees, strengthen you abs and lower back, stand up straight and be the Temple that God made you to be. I hope I can take my own advice and be consistent with what I know to be right. I need so much support do right by me. j.

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