Can We Ever Feel Safe Again?

After the unspeakable horror that took place yesterday, I had to resist the urge to drive the four hours to my sons home to hug my grandchildren. I can’t imagine how the families feel. How do you accept the death of your kindergartener while they were in school?  One of the doctors on TV said that parents should tell their children that they are safe and that they have to go back to school on Monday. If my child refused I don’t think I would be forcing them. I realize that we can’t live our lives steeped in fear but I don’t think we can feel safe in the ways we used to.

I believe that we have to get rid of the guns. I know the rhetoric that says guns don’t kill, people do. I hear that but the reality is that without guns that young man probably wouldn’t have been able to kill twenty-six people. Most other methods would not have been as efficient. Yes he could have used a bomb or other explosive device but it just doesn’t seem as likely. I would like to get rid of the guns and then see where we are.

What do you think?

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