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February Challenge – Cupids Chase 5K

It’s done.  Signed up for the Cupid Chase 5K in New Jersey on February 8, 2014. This  5K supports people with disabilities and is fundraiser. Donations can be made in my name (Karen Hilliard Johnson) at the Community Options, Inc website. All gifts are welcomed. If you’re local come cheer on participants or join in. The website says runners, joggers, walkers and those with wheels are welcomed! This is my next goal for the year. I’m praying for moderate weather but will do it short of bitter cold!

Stamina is Earned Daily

For a variety of reasons and a long story I was out of the pool more than I was in over the last eight months. Now I am by no means an elite swimmer. My stroke isn’t pretty and could use some tweaking but in June I was swimming a half mile every outing in my local pool. Now I am struggling to do fifty yards. I will get it back but my point is that you lose conditioning very rapidly. Training must be consistent. Not necessarily grueling or painful but consistent. The first meeting of TriWomen will be next week and then my mind will really be focused on being ready for the triathlon season. I was unable to do the Irongirl sprint Triathlon this past September but I am signing up again. I am actually thinking about signing up for more than one. I know that I will have to follow a strict training regiment to regain and keep the necessary stamina.

This Year Is About Duty To Self

I don’t mean to ignore those that depend on me like my Mom and remaining Uncle in Georgia and Aunt in New York. I just mean that I have to prioritize my time and goals this year. My husband and our sons are grown-ups with their own agenda’s. I have to focus on mine. Henry Ford said “If you think you can or you can’t you are right either way”

I think I have tremendous reasoning capabilities. Generally though I can find more reasons why I can’t and not can. I have to change that thought process so that I can do things this year. I want to sign up for this 5K for next month. I may have mentioned it. Well I spend time every day saying suppose it’s really cold. I walk slowly and may take too long. I wonder if anyone else in my crew will do it. On and on. Wow! The power of negative thinking. Got to turn that around. This morning my friend Roz and three of her friends went to the park. The two ladies ran and the two men walked. It was 5 degrees! So what was I saying? Oh yeah “If you think you can or you can’t you are right either way”

The Challenge of Being Still!

I did make it to my Weight Watchers meeting in spite of the cold (around 8 degrees) in New Jersey but was very happy to get home. Felt guilty for no work out again today. I am not good with working out at home and generally skip it if I can’t leave the house to do it. Anyway I decided to stay in. Anxiety comes after a few hours.

I had to remember being patient this past summer and appreciating every thing, every day. I had work to do on my computer for the next semester and of course there is my knitting/crochet but somehow I am restless after a few hours. Perhaps this is a good time to meditate, be still and take in my surroundings. I have a warm home, a fire in the fireplace, good food and family. There are people who would be happy with one of those things.

I am still here!!

2013 was an interesting year. It was about focus and change and patience. Things I had to learn. It ended well but it was a tough year in general. Anyway it’s 2014 and who knows.  I did my first 5K  New Years Day. Don’t get excited  can’t run but I can walk. A group of my swim friends and some runners I know and some runners who are swimmers (confused yet) did the January 1, 2014 Hangover Run in Westfield, New Jersey. Three of us walked. I had never done an official race so when I saw all of those people I decided to let them run and walk past me. We were the last three to complete the race. Lol. Did it in 58 minutes. I was happy. Now I have a best to beat. We had a cheering squad by the time we reached the finish line. And a plan was hatched!!!

I intend to do some type of athletic event every month this year. Well that’s my plan. I am going to sign up for a 5K in February but I must admit if it’s too cold I will not do it. We’ll see. I signed up for a practice triathlon that takes place at Montclair State College (indoors) in April and I am signing up for the Irongirl Triathlon in September. I will let you know as I fill in the blanks.

Happy New Year, it’s about the mind, body and spirit this year.


that’s me back row second from the right. 62 and going strong!!!