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Cherry Blossoms – Newark, New Jersey Style

The City of Newark, New Jersey takes a lot of hits for its crime rate and riots that took place nearly fifty years ago. It bears the brunt of comedians jokes and the disrespect of people who have never visited. Well I have lived here for thirty-six years and today I would like to tell you about a very positive aspect of the City. Cherry Blossom Trees! Branch Brook Park which runs through much of the City’s North Ward and through a section of Belleville is the home of a larger collection of Cherry Blossom Tress than the nation’s capitol. In April of 2012 the number of trees in the park was 2,700. There may be more now, the county is always planting new trees to replace lost trees and supplement where possible. In additions there are Cherry Blossom trees in other parts of the City adorning the urban landscape.

The Cherry Blossom festival brings thousands to our park with their cameras and oil paints. The elderly, the young and all in between. Today I drove my Mom and a friend to the park to enjoy. It was a nice day. Enjoy my pictures.

Cherry Blossoms 2013 002

Cherry Blossoms 2013 004

Cherry Blossoms 2013 029

Cherry Blossoms 2013 037





Garden Beginnings

If you are new to my blog you may not know about my garden. I love my garden and the best thing is that we eat from it all summer. I haven’t mastered the layout process and no matter how hard I try, I lose control of some part of it every year. I have so many tomato vines I can’t see the tomatoes. I will try again to prevent that from happening. Anyway, this year I am planting the peas early since they practically fry if they are planted to late in the season. I bought a blueberry bush and I am going to try to protect the berries from the squirrels and birds. That may be difficult but I will net the shrub to start and see how that works. We will be using the composte we made all winter this year and I am excited. I will keep you informed.

Bed 1

Bed 1

Bed 2

Bed 2

Bed 3

Bed 3



Triwomen Talked Me Down

Tonight I attended a meeting of Triwomen to discuss a training schedule for our upcoming events. I am only concentrating on the Athleta Iron Girl Triathlon in September. I felt a little better after hearing what type of training I should be doing. I am still freaked out about the bike part of the whole thing and fear bike accidents. I will have to get over that but at least I have a plan. I have about two months until I have to start the serious training plans and I am going to use it to get to the baseline I need in each event. Stay tuned.

How Much Can I Remember in the Pool?

Keep your face in the water, don’t hesitate  when you breathe, elbows high, glide.  Did I mention that I’m slow as all get out? Oh for goodness sake. Once I start swimming I can barely remember where I am. The coach is having no mercy and that’s what I wanted but yesterday and today I am exhausted. I guess there is progress but it’s not much at this point. I’m not exactly discouraged but… So this evening I’m saying to myself SUCK IT UP and just continue to do what you’re doing. No sympathy needed. Just perseverance on my part. What do you say?

100 Yards Down, 780 To Go

Today for the first time I swam 100 yards freestyle without stopping. Thanks to my friend Tony who swam next to me and convinced me that I could do it. I still freak out at some point but it used to be before I reached 50 yards. Now I don’t begin to have a real problem until I am into the third lap (75 yards). When the panic sets in I remind myself that I can breathe every two strokes instead of every three and that slowing down and taking mental control works. So a long way to go to the half mile I need for my Tri but I have plenty of time to get there. Progress feels good!

Swim Team Meeting

Yesterday we had a meeting of our swim team and as usual we spent a lot of time laughing and joking before getting down to business. We did however start to plan our spring activity schedule and I am looking forward to warmer weather and being outside more. I can feel it.

Brick City Master Swim Team Meeting

Brick City Master Swim Team Meeting


My friend Terrell has suggested that I come to Yoga class and finally I ran out of excuses and went. Wow! I hadn’t realized how inflexible I had become and I mean that literally. Downward facing what? Warrior who? I’m pretty sure that unless I am able to unhinge my joints, they no longer go in some of those directions. An hour later I realized that I so needed the class. I believe that I am going to be very sore tomorrow but I will be back next week. This should help my swimming. That is if I can still walk or get in the pool tomorrow!

Such A Busy Week

I shall return this week but the past week was too busy and I couldn’t write here. Also my computer is still in the hospital.  Anyway more Road to the Tri this week. Read the rest of this entry

Triathlon Training — The Saga Continues

Did I mention that my Triwomen group will begin a 13 week training program  in June. The Danskin which is now the Irongirl will take place at Sandy Hook in New Jersey on September 8th. They say that to take part in the training we need to be able to swim for 20 minutes, ride for 30 minutes, and run/walk for 20 minutes. Well I’m working on the swimming and if I don’t do freestyle I can swim for at least 30 minutes. Haven’t started the other two yet. Since I haven’t written in close to 20 years I am most concerned about that. In about two weeks I will be back in the park walking and hopefully that will improve monthly. I should be good for at least 45 minutes to begin. Just do it keeps coming to mind. What do you think Triathletes?

Comfort in Numbers – Road to Triathlon

So today there were eight of us in the pool for the first time in months. The heat pump was not working and the pool was actually a great temperature for swimming laps. Last week I was back to my freestyle stroke block and couldn’t make fifty yards without sputtering. I know it’s mental. Anyway I was pumped by having so many members of the team together. Just talking to them made me realize it’s possible. I decided not to worry about it today. I wanted to see if I could swim for a half hour. I was able to swim for 35 minutes. I did 24 laps in that time. Okay I was doing the old elementary back, breast stroke, side stroke and an occasional freestyle. Hmn. I have to swim a half mile for the triathlon. Two glaring things,  it would  be better if I could do all freestyle and at the rate I swim I will be in the water 45 minutes to an hour at the tri. I need to shave time off that and do it freestyle. So the process begins today. Stay tuned

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