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Conquer the Pool

No matter what’s going on when I get to the pool it begins to fade. Today the coach was out but five members of the team were there. We know the drill literally. So we practiced kicks, arms, whole strokes. I see progress. Still not where the rest of the team is but I no longer doubt that I will get there. We registered ourĀ  Masters team and want to attend a swim meet next week just to see what it’s like. Wow! Who knows where this will lead. LoL!

Crazier by the Minute

For the first time probably thirty years I jumped off of the diving board. Notice I said jumped. Not very dignified but I gave it a shot. Making progress every day.

Jumping off the board. Not pretty but I did it

I don’t even remember holding my nose. LOL!

Conquer the Pool – Day Six & Seven

So yesterday was the backstroke. Hmm…. Not too coordinated yet. I get on my back and start kicking and when I look up I’m basically in the same place. Lol! So I took advice from some of the team members and the coach and began to work on my kick. I still have a long way to go. Today they were working on the butterfly. Really? I can’t get my head wrapped around that yet. So while they did that I concentrated on my backstroke kick. I used my flippers but concentrated on making sure that I used my whole leg. I did 14 laps with the flippers (not too hard) then I did 12 more old backstroke and side stroke. Felt pretty good. Won’t get back until Monday. I’ll miss it!

I love this pool!!

I Will Conquer the Pool!!!

For the first time in about a year I went to the pool today. I found out last night that the roof has been rolled back for the summer and the heater is turned off or way down (I’m not sure which) and the water is chilly to say the least. All night I was thinking about cold water. So this morning I got up put on the new (and smaller) bathing suit on and headed to the pool. Well the water was chilly but the sun was out and the sky was clear and it was fantastic. So I went to meet the Masters Swim Team to see what they are doing. They are practicing daily and they can all swim well. So here I am. Comfortable in the water but without any competitive stroke. In the past I have attempted to learn the free style stroke without success. I become easily discouraged and give up. So today I decided that this summer I am going to learn the free style stroke no ifs, ands, or buts as they say. I have to develop the right mindset and if any of you have suggestions let me know.

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