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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Tri, Tri, Again

Haven’t written in a while but I am still here. My very first  Sprint Triathlon is scheduled for August 3, 2014 and I am getting ready in my head. Now you know that I have talked about this for a long time. First steps were hard. I spent the winter having an on again off again swim season. Our pool was down for some time and I was lazy when it was up. I found out that stamina leaves in a short amount of time. It’s May and I’m really not ready to do the 300 yds yet. On top of that I bought a bike two weeks ago and had to deal with my serious fear of riding. I have been on the bike a few times but there is still a lot of work to do there. I had a needle in my knee yesterday and hope that after the three shot series I will have less pain in it which will make walking easier. I will be walking the 5K part of the Tri’s. Anyway I’m back and will be talking about my road to Triathlon in the upcoming days.

Triwomen Kick Off the Season

Several of my swim buddies and I belong to a group called Triwomen, a group of ladies who volunteer their time and put together a fabulous training season for female triathletes.  Every January they bring together a group of girls and women (14 – 70’s) who want to complete sprint triathlons. Now for those of you who have completed an  Ironman or two a sprint Triathlon may seem like nothing for me the 62-year-old anti-athlete it’s a big deal.

This group has all types of free activities for members of the group (no membership fees) and they pretty much start in January with the goal of having members ready for  August (Jersey Girl) and  September (Iron Girl) events. They have swim clinics, riding clinics and running clinics. Any money donated to the group or realized from the sale of Triwomen gear is donated to Breast Cancer research. It’s a win win situation! They have taken many women from beginner to triathlete in less than a year and have lots of finishers to show for it. So I’m in.

Must overcome fear of  the bike! Stay tuned.

I am still here!!

2013 was an interesting year. It was about focus and change and patience. Things I had to learn. It ended well but it was a tough year in general. Anyway it’s 2014 and who knows.  I did my first 5K  New Years Day. Don’t get excited  can’t run but I can walk. A group of my swim friends and some runners I know and some runners who are swimmers (confused yet) did the January 1, 2014 Hangover Run in Westfield, New Jersey. Three of us walked. I had never done an official race so when I saw all of those people I decided to let them run and walk past me. We were the last three to complete the race. Lol. Did it in 58 minutes. I was happy. Now I have a best to beat. We had a cheering squad by the time we reached the finish line. And a plan was hatched!!!

I intend to do some type of athletic event every month this year. Well that’s my plan. I am going to sign up for a 5K in February but I must admit if it’s too cold I will not do it. We’ll see. I signed up for a practice triathlon that takes place at Montclair State College (indoors) in April and I am signing up for the Irongirl Triathlon in September. I will let you know as I fill in the blanks.

Happy New Year, it’s about the mind, body and spirit this year.


that’s me back row second from the right. 62 and going strong!!!

Triathlon News — 500 meters/540 yards

Today I swam 500 meters which is 540 yards! My best swim yet. Not pretty but I did it. I believe that next week will be the half mile week. Six more laps will do it. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Comfort in Numbers – Road to Triathlon

So today there were eight of us in the pool for the first time in months. The heat pump was not working and the pool was actually a great temperature for swimming laps. Last week I was back to my freestyle stroke block and couldn’t make fifty yards without sputtering. I know it’s mental. Anyway I was pumped by having so many members of the team together. Just talking to them made me realize it’s possible. I decided not to worry about it today. I wanted to see if I could swim for a half hour. I was able to swim for 35 minutes. I did 24 laps in that time. Okay I was doing the old elementary back, breast stroke, side stroke and an occasional freestyle. Hmn. I have to swim a half mile for the triathlon. Two glaring things,  it would  be better if I could do all freestyle and at the rate I swim I will be in the water 45 minutes to an hour at the tri. I need to shave time off that and do it freestyle. So the process begins today. Stay tuned

Triathlon Bound

I had to miss my workout today due to Dr.’s appointment. I am diabetic and on a mission to take good care of myself. I told the Doctor of my intention to do a Tri in September and she said by all means go for it. Since 2009 when I began to see her I have lost over forty pounds and am no doubt in better physical shape than I was in my forties. Having said that I know that I will have a long training road. Several people have visited my blog in the last few days and I will be following their journey’s this year as well. I hope to do at least one run/walk a month as part of my training. I will also be raising money for different organizations at the same time. It’s all good. We will make this trip together.

Triwomen rule

Last night I attended my first Triwomen meeting. I am really going to do a triathlon and these ladies are going to hold my hand through the whole thing. I have a long way to go to get ready but they assure me that it is doable. There were young women there and seasoned women like myself. They were small and petite and my size too (LOL!) and what they all had in common was the desire that I have, to do this. Stay tuned!

Isaiah 48:3

“I foretold the former things long ago, my mouth announced them and I made them known; then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass” Isaiah 48:3  New International Bible

Someone sends me a daily inspirational email and I must admit that I don’t always get to read it. This one caught my eye because I have spoken a triathlon into my life. Wow! I was blown over this morning when I opened this email which actually is sent by Joel Osteen.  So it is done.

More of a Reality Every Day

I’ve officially become a member of the TriWomen the group dedicated to getting you ready and through triathlons. While I’m still in some form of denial I am taking the steps that will lead me to the yellow brick road. Several of my swim buddies say that they are going to take part but today one told me she is still unsure that she can actually do it. I’m saying it daily and I am just that determined. I will not be deterred. Eight months to train and every day I say it out loud. I intend to be there.

TriWomen hear I come!

September is a ways off but to compete in my first sprint triathlon (The Danskin)  I have to begin training now. So far people are either very supportive or they snicker when I tell them my plans. It’s okay the only thing that can stop me is my mind and I’m working on that now. The “quiet riot” in my head got the best of me at first today and I stopped short of swimming fifty yards. Then I thought, not long ago I couldn’t do 25 yards without gasping for air. I have adequate air but I can still talk myself out of success real fast. So every day I continue to work on it. Yesterday my friend Roz sent an email about the 2013 kickoff of the TriWomen group in Scotch Plains – Fanwood, NJ. Wow the commitment is real. I believe that I can do this step by step. Borrowed a bike. Scared to get on it though. Sure I can walk the run (knee issues you know) but the open water still freaks me out. But darn it, I’m gonna do it. Stay tuned!

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